1. While we love pets, this place is pet free.
  2. We will prepare the requested number of tables and chairs. Feel free to rearrange them to suit your event needs.
  3. Please clear all trash and place them in the bins or in garbage bags.
  4. Any late check out will be charged RM120 hourly rate.
  5. There is ample parking right outside. Parking fees are at RM1.50 per hour.
  6. No pork allowed within the premises.
  7. No loud music or parties.
  8. Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere on the property. This applies to both drugs, conduct and internet activity.
  9. If you break or damage anything, please let us know so we can arrange for the deposit to be used to make replacements or repairs.
  10. No smoking (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, IQOS included) and vaping.
  11. Kindly return the event space to us in the exact state of cleanliness as the way you received it.